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An elderly washing machine maintenance engineer wants nothing more than to go home. However, a chance encounter with some odd batteries forces him stay the duration.

Use WASD to move the engineer about town and fix washing machines with your zapper.

Play in Chrome, very poor performance in Firefox at the moment (the chroma key green screening we made causes massive lag)

Made in 72 hours.

If you enjoy check out our other game Weasel Words



  • Foxdog Studios (Lloyd Henning & Peter Sutton): design, programming, graphics, and acting
  • Alex Marczak: Music, sound and play testing



  • Narberth Studio: Our own online game editor, which uses BabylonJS for rendering
  • Davinci Resolve: Video editing
  • GIMP: Images
  • Blender: 3D Assets
  • Studio One: Digital Audio Workstation


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Comedy, Horror, Ludum Dare 50, PSX (PlayStation), Singleplayer, Third Person
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that was a very funny game!

i loved the tired voice of the machine engineer, the ordeal of trying to fix all those washing machines on time, and the lovely style and personality of his boss, who didnt just gave him two fresh batteries, but he also promised him two pints of beer at the pub, and a nice stake dinner!

fantastic game, very funny, and with a surprisingly pleasant story, many challenges and many good, funny moments!

you should do more games like this, i like the surrealism and the good action in here...

keep it up!

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I really love the greenscreen guy, sadly he already has a boyfriend... 7:05 (Jk but this is rly good)

Very funny!

i relly liked the quality of the batteries and the stake dinner

Was really interesting and really enjoyed!

Playing this in the itch launcher only A and D work to turn, while waliking forward or background does not, it does however run smoothly framerate wise. Playing it in Chrome I can walk but the framerate is like 2/3 per second and terrible delay too.

such nice and refreshing game, great job!


Thank you for playing and glad you were refreshed.


nice game i like thats dealer with battery 

Thanks for playing and glad you like the battery content.

So I saw the image for this game; the characters face and everything popped out in a special way, because they looks ridiculous like all these PS2 looking games.

So, I clicked the image to get to this page; I didn't really care about the game at first, then I saw some comments saying what ranks they got, but I still didn't care since I didn't want to download a game.

Surprise, surprise, the game isn't even one you can download, but rather browser based (I would assume at least).

The gameplay is nice, a typing game; you have to know your keyboard. Seems like I knew my keyboard well enough, because I got A rank with 2:51.

Would recommend to others. Now I understand why its said that Itch.io is a nice place.

Thanks for trying out the game and well done on an A rank! Yes it's browser based as we're web developers normally, so it's easier for us to make browser games.

3:05 with rank B, nice game would recommend to others :)


Well done on your ran B! Thanks for checking the game out.

This game jam is bringing some very interesting things in terms of games, and this one is no exception. I really liked the gameplay and the 32-bit look. It would be nice if this project went ahead, with more content. Congratulations on your game.

Thanks, we enjoyed playing with the 32 bit art style and FMVs, hopefully we will make something using the same techniques again!

i thought this was gonna be some stepbro thing

Not going to google what this means, but thank you!

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great game, honestly the humor was just my type of thing, found it in the horror section and had a blast paying it, short and sweet.

threw it into my scuffed horror games series hope you dont mind as im sure its not as high quality as other channels (the video not the game haha)


Hi thanks for playing! And for putting it in your video too. Glad it was your type of thing.


character doesn't move forward

(2 edits)

Should be able to by pressing `w` try clicking the screen to focus the game. We're only able to test it works on Google Chrome.

I downloaded it and tried playing it, can’t move and can’t full screen 

(1 edit)

Thanks for the update, we will have to look at in the itch io app, we've heard about problems with the game using that, it may work in the browser.

Well that was...interesting.

Not quite sure what makes it a horror game but it was a fun little thing to play with! Got Rank B.


Thank you for playing. Well done on rank B! Very respectable.

Dang, I only got C....

Fantastic! That was a funny game! 🙂❤️


That's an image we like to see


Thanks for posting a video and for the thumbs up

this happened to my buddy eric

This got us.

This was a lot of fun! Awesome work on this!

Hey thanks! Appreciate it.

3.29 and rank B :)

Had a blast with this, good humour and great theme

Well done, a very good time!

Short but not bad. Not really "Spooky" but it definitely was fun to play. Made a video on it.


Thank you for playing and for posting a video!

What happens when you put a drier sheet in the washing machine?

It becomes a wetter sheet.

Thanks for playing - and for a lovely joke.

Good ideas here. Would love to see more in a future update!

Thanks. We may one day put him back to work again.

LOVED this game!!

Happy to hear you loved it

now one of my new favorite games

Glad you enjoyed it! This is very encouraging news for us.

i cant wait to see what you make next if you make more games in the future! theyre really fun!!

I'd love to play, but the lag is pretty bad on Chrome. I think I'm alone in it, but I can't walk anywhere with the frames.


maybe clear cache on your browser ? im using chrome and it runs smooth on mine ! or maybe the problem is with wifi


Sorry about the frames. We'll hopefully take a look at performance when we get some time, the green screen/chromakey effects we created can be heavy on CPU.

Show post...

fun story :D

Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for playing and posting a video!


That was quite something and I really enjoyed it. However, I'd like to see a sequel in which we get to experience a little bit more in the life of our dear technician. Go to the pub and have a pint. Go back home and watch tv. Maybe drive to nearby towns for service calls. Visit various shops and buy new costumes/trinkets for the apartment. There has to be more to this man's story!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough:


Thanks for playing! Haha would be good for him to  treat himself and spend his XP on a nice new boilersuit.