Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49. You're a taxidermy weasel come to life, but for how long? Learn about art by pressing space when you see a yellow arrow above the piece you're near. You'll be challenged to type a message as fast as you can. You can only interact with art at or below your level. 






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Tags3D, Animals, Ludum Dare 49, PSX (PlayStation), Short, Typing
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Quite wack and cool

I got F as my first rank

I really enjoyed this game, it was interesting and a cool idea. I was okay in terms of typing. I noticed things I already struggle with and how it affects my speed. I did get stuck in the wall at the red frog, I believe it's level 26 or 30 

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this was a fantastic game!

i enjoyed playing as a taxidermy weaser, trying to talk with various art exhibits, other weasels and with frogs, all the while solving fast typing challenges...

i did all the fast typing challenges perfectly on my first run, and the final one (where you talk to that guy) was definitely the most challenging one, but i defeated him, and i got to the end...

i got rating E.

fantastic game, i would love to see a fully formed game like this, but as a surreal adventure game, (a mystery adventure game), and not just a typing challenge game...

keep up the good work!

this was fun!

Thanks for checking out the game and playing as the weasel!

Game is nice, but world is pitch black

Thanks for highlighting this, we've updated the build to fix this rendering issue (was a change in browser rendering since original publishing)