It's break time, so why not come grab a coosta coffee at the service station. There are three sizes of coffee available! If you are hungry, there are snacks. Please pay attention to the signs, this is only a short break.

WASD - Movement

E - To Drink

Mouse Move - Look

Click to pick up items, hold and release the mouse button to throw them (the longer you hold the further they go).

To play you need to click the page to activate pointer lock, press Esc to exit it.

-- Created By Foxdog Studios AKA Lloyd Henning & Peter Sutton

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags3D, Food, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Voice Acting


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this is the best and most scary horror game I've ever played

the writing was 10/10

the graphics and sound were above anything I've ever seen in even triple A games

the atmosphere was simply phenomenal and really added to the experience

must play for every single human on the planet

ohh i fancy a cof- Never mind

Note to self: Check out all the posters and don't get mesmerized by a bag of wooits sticking to the middle of the shelf. A quick, entertaining game that wasn't too hard to get into. Still want that coffee though.. Pumpkin Spice I hear is popular this time of year.. Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, time stamps in details to jump to the game.

Ooooh fancy a coffee... ☕😩

I no clip to a wall and it looks like it has more map to it, I don't wanna go further but if you want to try, as you spawn in the game go to the wall all the way to the left and go through it. GoodLuck

did i just die? I swear i tipped the machine over and the screen went black

Good coffee

OOh I really do fancy a coffee now...

It's nice to have a coffee in the morning!

Isn't it just? Avec Wotsits :D

Will you upload a downloadable version? The web version's too slow.


It's a web only game using our own engine, sorry! Hopefully we will have time to optimise the coffee in the future.

problem too little coffe

too little time :(

its alright

Unable to move.

Here's a quick walkthrough!


Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

Thanks for playing and enjoyed watching your playthrough. 10 coffees is a good amount to drink!

ah nice short story

Thanks for playing and making a video! Looks like you had lots of coffee!

wow, what a great mini game!

good coffee in 3 sizes, eating chips and enjoying a totally safe, non-haunted gas station...

splendid experience!

keep up the good work!


Glad you got your caffeine fix!

Coffee delivered as a bolus is the best coffee

Thanks for taking a sip!

it's good :D

Glad you liked the coffee!